Mountain Biking as a Gateway to Metaphysics


Welcome to The Bike Path


Experiences, both physical and metaphysical can be profound out on The Bike Path.
This trail ride will take you from the top of a very small hill to the outer reaches of the universe then back down into the vastness of the human soul. As you explore the activity of mountain biking through Lankford’s eyes you will perhaps begin to see deeper into an understanding of Nature and the
evolving spirit of humankind.This book is a reminder that maybe there are places away from the mainstreams where all of us are allowed sanctuary from the bombardments of modern life. That there’s a place out there, close to
where you live, where you can find what you need.  Take a few deep breaths and
ride for a while. Look at all that beauty all around you then see the bigger picture inside your own heart. No catch is attached here. You won’t even need a mountain or a bike.Follow this path into undiscovered worlds full of wonder and simplicity. The authors photography is meant to be sublime and meditative, artfully quiet, reflecting only the pureness and diversity of a wondrous place called The Bike Path




Mountain Biking in Your Head and More as a Gateway to Metaphysics - PEACE & TRANQUILITY

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